Service Coordinator  

  • To ensure outlets are given the necessary services and follow up to fill ongoing service needs
  • Scheduling appointments for outlets, and keep track of outlets service records
  • Assess the service needs of raised tickets by outlets, and connect them with the correct team
  • Create and maintain a database of technicians, vendors, and contractors
  • Create and maintain a resource directory of service providers and resources
  • To assist in updating the Company‚Äôs IT Policy and IT/Preventive Maintenance handbook upon request
  • To maintain good relationships with contractors and service providers
  • Advocating for adequate, timely, and cost-effective services and responding to any issues that occur during the delivery of services.
  • Monitoring the services being provided and staying up to date on any services for outlets
  • Writes up reports of outlet servicing for record keeping
  • Any other assigned duties and responsibilities from time to time

  • A Professional Certificate / Diploma in Information Technology, Computer Science, Business Administration, or other related disciplines
  • Ability to keep track of and report on activit
  • Stay up to date with services, policies, and regulations
  • Working knowledge in control of hazardous energy and associated safe work permits practices
  • Tech savvy

  Employment Type:  Permanent (Full Time)

  Spoken Language:  Malay, English

  Written Language:  Malay, English